Český svaz estetické skupinové gymnastiky

International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, IFAGG
Newsletter 1/2022 from IFAGG
Dear IFAGG members,
Greetings from IFAGG Office! We hope you are doing fine and getting ready for years 2022 competitions and
events. Here you can find some important information about coming competitions, licenses for this season,
judges register and Extraordinary General Assembly. Please, follow our website (ww.ifagg.com) to stay
Judges register
We are asking you to share important information with us. Due the fact that we were not provided a complete
and reliable register about the IFAGG judges, please help us to update our register send us information about
your judges participating in international competitions before March 4th 2022, to IFAGG office
Please let provide us following data:
• Judges full name
• License and when received
• Competitions this judge took part in the time period 2018-2021
• Participation in judging courses since judge’s approval for international judge licenses
Based on the analysis of your information and in accordance with the new instructions, we will make the
appropriate decisions and inform them to you.
ALAN Cup Online
Kazakhstan will host an official IFAGG B-category online competition ALAN Cup on April 9th-10th 2022. Please
find invitation and other info from our website.
World Cup II and Challenge Cup II 2022
World Cup II and Challenge Cup II will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 6th-8th 2022. Please find invitation
and other info from our website.
License info
All gymnasts 12 years old and older, coaches and judges who are taking part in IFAGG international events (A-
and B-category) must have a valid license for the ongoing competition year. This means that the licenses must
be applied and paid yearly.
By the decision of IFAGGs Council gymnasts under 12 years old will not need licenses from this year (2022) on.
Gymnasts who are born 2010 or earlier will need licenses for season 2022.
Licenses are collected and applied by an official IFAGG country member, personal or single applications should
not be sent to IFAGG office. After receiving the registrations from the IFAGG country member, IFAGG will send
an invoice based on the received information.
IFAGG country member: Please apply licenses by registering the gymnasts into IFAGG register and send an
invoice inquiry to IFAGG office (office@ifagg.com).International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, IFAGG
License fees 2022 (Valid 1.1.-31.12.2022)
Senior gymnasts 25 EUR / gymnast
Junior gymnasts 15 EUR / gymnast
Children 12 years old and older (born in 2010 or earlier) gymnasts 5 EUR / gymnast
International judges 50 EUR / judge
International coaches 5 EUR / coach
License payments
The licenses have to be paid to IFAGG by the IFAGG member before the gymnast(s) / judge(s) participate in
their first international competition (A- and B-category competitions) during the year.
Information about changing the team
Regarding team / license changes, please contact IFAGG office (office@ifagg.com). By request, the office will
send a list of all registered gymnasts (per country) to the official member representative. You can make all
team and / or license changes into that excel sheet in red color and the office will make the corrections into
the register system and send the invoice.
Technical Committee
The application to the Technical Committee is open again. The applications can be submitted by an official
IFAGG member to IFAGG office (office@ifagg.com) before March 7th 2022. Please send in the application and
cv of your candidate.
IFAGG Technical Committee:
• Chairperson, qualified individual
• Members 3-4 qualified individuals
Candidates must possess one or more of the listed requirements to stand for election for Technical Committee
Chairperson and member.
• AGG judging license national and International for at least 3-4 years
• AGG coach working with provincial, national or international level teams
• Sports education or pedagogical education
• Not any kind of involvement with national or international juridical processes
The Technical Committee selected this year will continue its work until General Assembly 2023.
Extraordinary General Assembly
Remember to make your registrations to Extraordinary General Assembly in time. The deadline is March 3rd
2022. The link can be found on our website. Council will decide voting rights and participation in Extraordinary
General Assembly after receiving national license registration by each IFAGG member. Please take care about
this also by March 3rd by sending this to IFAGG office (office@ifagg.com).
See you soon, stay safe and healthy!